Mortgage Loans
10 Do’s and Don’ts of the Mortgage Process

Many times we find our clients are poorly positioned to qualify for a loan with the best possible rate. That’s why it’s vitally important to meet with a qualified, experienced Mortgage Broker before starting your home search.

Here’s 10 steps to prepare yourself:


Don’t apply for new credit of any kind.


Do keep all credit card accounts open.


Don’t MAX OUT or overcharge existing credit cards.


Do maintain your employment at your current job.


Don’t consolidate debt to one or two cards.


Do pay off collections, judgments, or tax liens reported within one year.


Don’t make any large purchases.


Do stay current on your existing accounts.


Don’t make any large deposits into any of your accounts.


Do call. We are here to help you through this process.
We partner with the best in the business…

When it comes to buying or refinancing a home, it is nice to know that someone is looking out for your best interests. Realty ONE Group wants all of our clients to experience the best service. That is why we partner with the best in the business.

CMG Financial is a local group of experienced mortgage professionals that is backed by a highly efficient and well respected mortgage company. Based out of San Ramon, CA, CMG Financial is big enough to have access to all of today’s most relevant mortgage programs, but small enough to move quickly and offer industry leading customer service levels. Maryam and Ryan are a perfect match to ensure that you will have a great experience and close without delay.


Our pre-approval process separates us from the competition and gives you an advantage over other buyers. Other mortgage lenders may say you are pre-approved; we go the extra mile to ensure that you ARE approved. Like you, we don’t like surprises.


We strives to close purchase transactions quickly and on time.Closing quickly means more than just getting the keys sooner.

1. Sellers want to close ASAP – Offer to close quickly and make your offer stand out.
2. You don’t want to overpay – Negotiate a better price by offering to close sooner.
3. Lower interest rate – A shorter rate lock means a lower interest rate.

Ryan Holford

NMLS ID: 246037
Phone #: 925.983.3118

Success to me is overcoming challenges. I realized many years ago that failures are an important education in life and to succeed, you need learn how to turn what some may view as a failure into an obstacle that came be overcome. You need to pick yourself up and create a solution, that’s how I love and work today. I am Ryan Holford, and from the earliest of my memories, my character was that of a driven, confident, and determined individual who strives to constantly improve. While many find contentment in life, I seek more and enjoy the milestones at the end journey. As a lifelong California native, born in San Diego and residing most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m blessed to live where I play and make the best use of the ocean, rivers, lakes, and mountains. I work hard in the office so I can enjoy the outdoors with my family.

My career in the Mortgage Industry began in 1999 working for Irwin Union Bank originating second mortgages. Within 10 days of starting, I had a life changing event. While snowboarding I made a near fatal miscalculation in which my femur shattered my hip socket resulting in an emergency helicopter ride to UC Davis where I underwent reconstructive surgery. After two weeks in the hospital and a month in bed, I realized I had $41.20 to my name. Against Doctor’s orders, I returned to work 25 lbs lighter in a wheel chair and with a new outlook quickly becoming the number one sales person and have never looked back. I still carry my ATM receipt in my wallet to remind me where I have been and how I got to where I am today.

For more than a decade as a Mortgage Professional, I’ve worked with literally thousands of homeowners and relate to hard working families and the financial struggles they go through. My true talents extend far beyond rates. I focus on creating solutions and custom plans that address more than just a financial statement. By focusing on the relationships with people and understanding the true motivations, I’m able to often find creative solutions and love the challenge of doing what everyone else says is impossible. My dedication to my clients has resulted in a referral based business fueled by client loyalty and appreciation. Over the years, I progressed into the brokerage side of the business and then opened my own company. When the market began to crash, I evaluated the expenses associated with keeping my company open and realized the best financial decision was to close this company and moved to CMG Financial where I’m happy to say I’ll be with for the remainder of my career. I’ve found the ultimate balance in life and I’m able to focus equally on my clients, my family, and my health. I have a beautiful wife and three amazing children. Now my motivations are driven by selflessness to provide for my family and I have ultimate gratitude for the fact that life seems to have its own way of working out.

Maryam Sehrgosha

Mortgage Consultant
NMLS ID: 360150
Phone #: 925.858.2483

My Philosophy

I believe in providing traditional, one-on-one service that many people in today’s fast paced environment have forgotten.I guide my clients through the loan process, step-by-step, and discuss the information necesary to help them achieve their financing objective. I take pride in the fact that most of my business is reffered y past clients.


For the last 20 years, I have been helping home buyers and homeowners obtain the best mortgage to fit their personal needs. Whether you are the first time home buyer, a repeat buyer, or are looking for refinance assistance. I will work diligently to find the best possible loan for you. I have an extensive industry knowledge, and an in-depth understanting of the many loan programs availble, including: Conventional Loans, FHA and VA Financing, Jumbo Mortgages, Investment Property Financing, Refinances, First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs, and the “All-In-One”.


I have attended universities in France and the United State, and I am a graduate of Northen Arizona University. I hold a California Real Estate License, and State and Federal Mortgage Broker Licensing accreditation. I am fluent in French and Persian.


Meditation, reading, travelling, hiking, and volunteer work.


I enjoy giving back to the community through contributing my time amd resources to various non profit and charitable organizations.

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